Dell Recycling


Recycle: We take it all. From empty toner collection, fuser core recycling and buy back programs, exchange purchasing programs, or truck loads of off lease / trade in's /  overstock or end of life printers.

Our Texas facility can manage over 5,000 printers during inspection and preparation of redistribution. Many end of life items can be remanufactured and reused several times saving our landfills millions of tons of metals, plastics and chemicals.


Repair:  When a printer has been traded in, lease has ended, returned unused or with shipping damage, or just not needed at a certain company any longer doesn't mean it's life is over. We audit every item to determine the next phase of the printers life. Each printer is audited and tested for availability of resale.

Our printers are disassembled for thorough cleaning, any non working parts are repaired or replaced, then the covers are color matched and reassembled. Every printer is then retested, boxed up and shipped to it's new destination. If a printer is not up to our standards for being refurbished and resold many key components are removed and tested then resold to companies who are still in need of parts for their older model printers that are no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty Any remaining metals or plastics are taken weekly to local recycling centers.



Dell Recycling Center

705 Bowser Suite 114

Richardson, TX 75081


Email Us below if you have a large number of non working or spare Dell printers, Dell fuser cores or any empty Dell toner cartridges available to recycle: